A Fortunate Dog Spa

Where all pets are well loved and well groomed

Karla Addington-Smith   Karla Addington-Smith NCMG
Karla's grooming career began in 1974 & still today she is passionate about caring for your pets. She makes sure that your fur baby will be Well Loved and Well Groomed, while at The Spa. After 42 years in the professional grooming industry, as a Certified Master Groomer, International Contest Judge, former GroomTeam USA member, & award winning author; Karla is pleased to provide pet parents a clean, safe environment where your pets will receive expert grooming & spa services with loving, kind, & compassionate care.
 Andie Miles   Andie

From the start Andie has had a passion for all things dog! After working in doggie day care for four years she felt that grooming would be a natural progression in her canine career. Completing a year of training, Andie came to The Spa to further develop her skills & artistry of grooming. She has a natural ease in the way she works with our pets & the innate ability to capture the inner essence of each pet she grooms. Andie’s constant companion is Miles, a Boston Terrier, but actually we think he is a human in a hair-suit! Andie grooms nearly all of our Bostons at The Spa. She is also our Schnauzer & Airedale stylist. She understands & enjoys that Terrier spunk! Andie also owns Copper Dog Creations, a handmade collar & leash company. She aspires to groom dogs for the confirmation ring & perhaps own her own salon someday. Andie is a joy to have at The Spa each day!
 Kim Gill   Kim

Kim grew up in a proverbial petting zoo! From turtles to monkies…dogs & cats. She has three rescue dogs of her own & believes that every animal deserves love & patience. Kim has worked her entire life to care for animals in need. She began grooming in 2010. She enjoys working at The Spa & states, “My job is especially rewarding because I get to follow my passion & help our clients’ pets feel good & look great everyday!” Kim is a perfectionist, & is well skilled in all coat types bringing out the best in each pet she grooms. She does a beautiful job for us & is a respected member of our team.

 Heather Louie   Heather

Heather grew up in the deserts of California with a great respect of the natural beauty around her. An animal lover since birth, she was always taking care of & feeding the stray cats in the neighborhood…mostly when parents weren’t looking. Heather has a kind heart & gentle spirit which makes her great with our senior pets & puppies. She loves them through the process, though her heart belongs to Izzy, an American Eskimo Dog. Heather enjoys grooming the Nordic Breeds & has a real gift when it comes to dealing with their idiosyncrasies. Heather is very sweet with all of the pets at The Spa & a joy to work with.

 Beth   Beth

Beth has always had a heart for pets & understands they depend on humans for care & comfort. Over the years, Beth has found much joy in fostering those fur babies in need & has always made the time & space to help one more. When she was given the opportunity to learn grooming a decade ago, she jumped at the chance, even though the position was in another city & she had to drive 200 miles round trip for the first year to get to & from work. Beth came to The Spa a year ago & states “After working in a big box grooming salon where emphasis is on volume I am now learning & working with the best, where the care & comfort of the pet is the most important.” Beth has the calm & patience to care for our special fur babies that need a little extra understanding. She is a perfect addition to our team!

 Colette Brandy   Colette
Spa Tech

Colette has spent many years in the grooming industry working as a bather. She joined our team in early 2014 & hasn’t looked back! Growing up with “all kinds of animals,” it wasn’t until she got her first Pom, that she realized she would like to make a career with dogs, & landed her first job in a salon. Colette says that the best part of this job is the “puppy sugars.” She assists with check-ins in the morning & helps to get our pets settled in for their spa day. I tell our pet parents that if their fur baby is receiving one of our proprietary spa treatments, & is lucky enough to get Colette as their spa tech, their pet will also receive a head massage & a song! Colette loves working on all of our pets, but, has a special place in her heart for Pomeranians. She is a dedicated, hard working woman & we are lucky to have her on our team!

 Shawna Reggie   Shawna
Spa Tech

Shawna has a big smile & a heart of gold! She has always had a lot of pets growing up & has always enjoyed caring for & about them. When Shawna came to The Spa in 2014, she did not have professional experience, but with her drive, determination & passion for pets she quickly picked up the skills & knowledge needed to do this job well. She is exceptionally good at the job of spa tech! She loves working with our pets & when asked what is her favorite breed…she smiles & states, “All of them! They just give me so much pleasure.” Shawna is a clean freak too (added bonus) & is always up for an added task. We are blessed to have such a kind hearted, dedicated professional on our team!

Margie Baxter   Margie
Spa Tech

Margie is the proud mother of 5 children & 2 grandkids; she lives on a farm with a menagerie of pets…from pot belly pigs to mini horses & tortoises. Her love of animals began when as a young child her Dad brought home a Chihuahua that he found alongside a country road. The dog was scared & hurt, but soon Margie won her over as she wiggled her way into Margie’s BIG heart! Margie loves Australian Shepherds for their energy & drive, & Poodles for their intelligence & cuddles. She has always had a career working with animals, including vet tech, but says that “working at A Fortunate Dog Spa has been my dream job.” (Thanks Margie.) Margie is kind & patient with all of the pets we see at the Spa & has a real knack for performing our Oral Hygiene Treatments. She has been with us since 2010…thank you for your years of service!

Peggy Cookie   Peggy
Spa Tech

Nicole Mac   Nicole Graham
Customer Service Manager

Nicole has always had a passion for animals…all animals; fins, feathers, fur & scales! She was in high school when she landed her first job at a doggie day care & then went on to work in a no-kill shelter. It was there that Nicole learned firsthand about the harsh realities of not spaying or neutering pets & about the throwaway society we live in. You won’t find anyone more passionate about responsible pet ownership than Nicole. We hired Nicole for a spa tech position in 2014, but soon realized her entrepreneurial & organizational abilities would be very useful in the front of the house. She adds “A door opened & I was blessed enough to be hired at A Fortunate Dog Spa.” Nicole has a heart for customer service & has a sincere respect & admiration for our clients & their beloved fur babies. She keeps the rest of us on our toes! Nicole aspires to add professional stylist to her list of talents. She is a blessing to all of us at The Spa.