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The Barkery Fresh Baked Treats

Your fur baby’s entire world revolves around you and their treats. Think about it… Their day begins when you walk in from work…from shopping…from getting the mail out of the box. No matter the length of time you were gone, your pet is happy to see you, and expects a reward for being so patient. Treats reward and motivate. Treats are expected and appreciated. The anticipation of a yummy treat will have your four-legged friend staring at you, then the cupboard where the treats are kept…or staring at you and barking or whining…as if to say, “I was a good boy all day! Where’s my treat?” Some especially talented babies will perform every trick in their repertoire, before being asked…because they know their reward is a special treat.

Yummy, Crunchy, Healthy Treats

Our fur babies live for our love and their treats… That’s why A Fortunate Dog Spa offers an outstanding treat selection at The Barkery. We know that it is far more convenient for you to pick up a dog treat at the local grocery store, but stop! Read the ingredient list. We also know that you may be buying treats at the big box pet stores, but stop! Look at the price tag. We are dedicated to providing your pet a healthy treat alternative…and you a better price! You will not find our premium treat selection in grocery stores and yes, we beat PetSmart, Petco and Moochie prices on ALL Items in our store… ALL! We want to win your business with out spending more on the best treats for your best friends! We have treats that meet any dietary need…vegetarian; corn, soy, wheat free; low calorie; sensitive tummy; oral health; joint health; we have crunchy, freeze dried, organic, soft and chewy. Whatever your pets’ nutritional requirements or preferences, The Barkery will have you and your pet covered…and at an awesome price. You will not spend more to shop at a local small business… you will receive valuable nutritional guidance while you save.

Top Brands Best Prices

Here is a short list of the premium treat brands we sell at The Barkery: A Fortunate Dog Spa Signature Salon Treats - Vegetarian, Blue Buffalo, Dogswell, Get Naked, Greenies, Isle of Dog, Pet-N-Shape, Sammy Snacks, Tailbangers and Zukes. Now, the really important stuff… Please read the package of the treat product you are buying. Does it contain corn syrup, sugar, corn, soy, wheat, anything…by-product meal, gluten? If yes, then STOP! Does your pet suffer from skin allergies, excessive shedding, and scratching? From chronic bi-lateral ear infections and foot licking? Those treats are probably contributing to your pet’s condition…really, they are. Stop in and see us about healthy, affordable treats for your best friend.