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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to groom my dog?

Usually three to six hours. The time will depend on a few variables such as your dog’s size, condition, amount of coat, style of groom and temperament. We are a full service salon, so our procedures are more time consuming than what you may have experienced in the past…but, it will show in the finished product. Please see our Grooming Services page for more information.

Of course your pet will not be standing on a grooming table the entire time in fact, he will have time to rest between the 3-part-process. First your pet will go with his stylist, (we try to match the pet with the same stylist each visit) where he will have his nails trimmed and filed, ears cleaned, coat brushed and combed, and any coat he will not need for his finished look will be clipped or scissored off. He is reviewed for our 10-point health check and then returned to his cozy suite in our Zen Zone, where he listens to relaxing spa music and watches the water trickle in the wall fountain.

Next, a spa staff will take your pet to the Spa Room where he will be bathed, conditioned and hand dried. He will also receive his Signature Spa Treatments and Services, you may have ordered, while in this area, including our DeShedding Silk Heat Wrap and our most popular Oral Hygiene Treatment. 

He will then return to his suite, waiting for him lined with a fluffy white towel, where he will rest until his stylist comes for him.

He will then be brushed and combed again thoroughly, clipped and scissored to perfection. The finishing touches are added, and he is returned to his suite. You will be promptly called when he is ready to go home.

If at anytime he looks or acts like he may have to go potty, we take him out. If he looks or acts thirsty we will provide water. If you send his favorite treats we will offer them at different points throughout the process.

Puppies, geriatric pets and barkers take priority over other pets, so we can ensure a comfortable and stress-free visit for all of our guests.

Understand too, that we are working on moving objects with sharp instruments. You can not safely rush through a grooming appointment. And, it takes time and patience to work with pets and their idiosyncrasies. We will try to accommodate your schedule, but will not rush through the process. We always give you an estimated pick-up or call time and do our best to meet that time frame.

Why do you require proof of vaccinations for grooming?

Requiring proof of vaccinations speaks volumes about the way a salon is managed. The short answer is that requiring proof of vaccinations protects your fur baby from exposure to pets that have communicable diseases and ensures to some extent that the pets we see are healthy and being seen routinely by a veterinarian, not to mention that rabies vaccinations are required by law in most states. Many canine diseases do not require direct contact to spread from pet to pet, in fact, many are airborne, or can be spread through the environment from poor hygiene. We make every effort possible to minimize the risk to every pet we see at the spa, beginning with the requirement for proof of vaccinations to the daily thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the spa.

Over my 35 year career as a professional dog groomer, and salon owner, I have seen a lot of neglect in the dogs that I have groomed. Dogs that do not receive routine veterinarian check-ups are typically not vaccinated and are generally in very bad condition. I could share some real horror stories, but I will spare you the shocking details.

We require proof of vaccinations because it is the correct thing to do to ensure your pet is safe, healthy and happy while at the spa. In fact, as a dog lover and owner, I would not feel comfortable leaving my best friend at a grooming establishment that does not require proof of vaccinations.

"Does my dog have to stay in a cage the entire time she is there?"

Because your pet's health, comfort and safety are our main concern, she will never have any nose-to-nose contact with another pet unless of course she is with a sibling. In between pamper-time, she will have time to relax in her suite in the spa Zen Zone. Of course, she will have a fluffy white towel on which to sit in her suite. We don't want any chilly tushies. The Zen Zone is a low light area, with spacious enclosed suites sized to house small, medium and large size pets. I designed the Zen Zone so that our furry guests have limited visibility of other pets, this greatly reduces stress and barking. The suites face a wall fountain where the sound of trickling water and soothing spa music enhances your pet's spa experience. The lavender aromatherapy is the icing on the cake.
For extra-large and giant breeds; and fur families that can be housed together, we have the Penthouse, a very large space where these pets can stretch out and enjoy their room with a view!

Pets allowed to roam around the salon are not safe, for many reasons.

  1. You only have to experience one dog fight to know you never want to do that again. Your fur baby may be very dog and people friendly, but other pets are not. You don't always know this until it is too late. We would NEVER place your pet in harm's way by assuming that all dogs are as friendly with other pets as your beloved fur baby. Again, we have a no nose-to-nose contact policy between pets.

  2. Wandering pets are a distraction. We use sharp instruments around your pet's face for safety's sake your baby needs to be focused on her stylist, not the dog or even salon cat, walking around the room.

  3. Not allowing pets to roam around greatly reduces the risk of your pet picking up a flea or other external parasite from another pet.

  4. An open door is an invitation for any pet to take. All of our guests are carried or on-lead when moving from the Zen Zone to the Magic Room, to the Spa Room. Pets allowed to roam the salon have a greater risk of escape. Again, this is situation a professional salon will go to great lengths to avoid.

    Your pet's safety, health and comfort are our greatest concern. If you are comfortable and confident about leaving your pet with us, she will feel the same. Don't think of her time at the spa as being in cage but, instead, her cozy suite is a safe, comfy place where she can relax and enjoy her "me" time!