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Spa Services



Add a Luxury Spa Service to your pet's grooming session to further enhance your pet's comfort, health & beauty!




Oral Hygiene Treatment

Our most popular Spa Service, the Oral Hygiene Treatment is an anesthesia FREE process that ends bad breath and begins softening plaque and calculus with one treatment. The key to the long term success of this service is the daily use of the PlaqClnz Gel that neutralizes the bacteria in the mouth that causes mouth odor and tarter build up. So we include a complimentary 2 oz gel for home use. We see amazing results in some of the pets we service after just one treatment. A safe and effective alternative to invasive cleanings, especially for our senior pets. Your pet may be a good candidate for our Oral Hygiene Treatment.

Oral Hygiene Treatment w/ 2 oz PlaqClnz Gel: $40



Tear Stain Reducing Facial

Our 3-step salon process lightens staining and aids in restoring natural coat color.

Tear Stain Reducing Facial: $35




Who doesn’t love a pedicure? Your pet will relax his tired paws in an aromatherapy soak that will moisturize those rough paw pads. Our Luxury Paw Soak will renew the paws and spirit! After the soak, paw pads are massaged with a highly emollient balm that further soothes dry rough pads. Truly the lap of luxury!

Paw-D-Cure: $15



Nail Pawlish

Choose from an assortment of nail pawlish colors that will have your princess styling like the diva she is! Of course, we will choose bows to match her pawlish. (You can be a top dog with our blue or black nail pawlish and of course sport a matching bandana. Who says boys can’t be stylish too?)

Nail Pawlish Front or Back Nails: $10

Nail Pawlish Front and back Nails: $18


Nail Tip Application

Soft nail caps protect floors and skin from scratching. Choose from an assortment of fun and seasonal colors. Tips usually last from six to eight weeks.

Nail Tip Application Front or Back Nails: $25

Nail Tip Application Front and Back Nails: $40



Creative Coloring and Design

Our creative coloring and design services are perfect for holidays or special occasions. From stenciling to a bright Mohawk; or color tips on ears and tail, to full body color, your best friend will be the center of attention with our creative color service.



Creative Coloring and Design:
Please contact us for a price quote.